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"Own only what you can carry with you:

know languages, know countries, know people.

Let your memory be your travel bag"
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


English is a Germanic language belonging to the Indo-European family, and developed from Anglo-Saxon dialects under the strong influence of Norman French and Latin. Its growth can be traced back to the 5th century AD when groups of West Germanic settled in the British Isles. The word English derives from the eponym Angle, the name of a Germanic tribe thought to originate from the Angeln area of Jutland, now in northern Germany.

Did you know ...   

  • ... that there are more learners of English in China than there are native speakers of English in Britain and the United States taken together? This in itself is a powerful indication of the importance of English as a world language.
  • ... that in the Scottish translation of the New Testament only the devil speaks Standard English?
  • ... the town in Northern Ireland which is called Derry by Roman Catholics is called Londonderry by Protestants?
  • ... that in everyday conversation, people on average speak about five or six syllables a second, around 300 a minute?
  • ... why the Lower House of the British Parliament is called House of Commons? Contrary to popular belief, it does not mean that it is to represent the commoners, the common people, the people without title or rank. It means that it is to represent the communes, the regional communities, i.e. counties and boroughs.
  • ... that Scotland was originally inhabited, not by the Scots, but by the Picts, and that the Scots were originally the inhabitants, not of Scotland, but of Ireland?British - North American Vocabulary

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